Our Customer Obsession strategy

Our mission at Customer Obsession is to embed the concept and practice at the core of the Group’s culture in order to accelerate new growth areas delivering superior customer experiences.

Our Customer Obsession strategy

With the aim of delivering superior customer experiences, our strategy, designed to guide us in the short- and medium-term through to 2025, is founded on six pillars:

In order to measure our performance, we use:

  • Input KPIs to understand what might be driving dips or improvements, the rate of customer fraud complaints, and inability to access services to inform our prioritising of issues
  • Outcome KPIs – these reflect aspects such as brand-love scores and performance across the competitive landscape
  • Output KPIs to ensure that we monitor key issues, such as the number of customers affected by outages, or levels of satisfaction with Fibre to the Home (FTTH)

During the year under review, we measured our success in realising our strategic goals using these objectives and metrics:

Communications support

An important component of what is done with regard to Customer Obsession is the communications support provided for new products. During the year under review, the Group’s Corporate Communications function publicised:

  • The rollout out of the national Safaricom Golf Tour whose aim is to tap, nurture and grow talent among young golfers across the country
  • The Telematics solution for vehicle tracking
  • The launch, through the partnership of Safaricom and Gulf African Bank, of Halal Pesa, a Shari’ah-compliant mobile financing solution
  • The revamp of data plans through the Nyoosha Shilingi campaign that will see customers enjoy up to 100% more data at no extra cost
  • The launch of BAZE, a mobile-first, video-on-demand service that offers a wide selection of local and regional short-form videos in comedy, drama, lifestyle, with added expansion that includes music streaming
  • The partnership with AAR Insurance that rolled out new technology infrastructure based on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) as part of AAR’s goal to be a fully digital insurance company
  • The launch of the M-PESA Super App for customers and its M-PESA for Business App
  • The launch of the NHIF mini-app within the M-PESA Super App
  • The launch of the Mwelekeo Ni Internet campaign, which will see the service provider introduce new data offers, add more affordable 4G devices to the Lipa Mdogo Mdogo device financing plan, and showcase the transformative power of the internet
  • The “Offline mode” that will enable customers to use the M-PESA Super App and complete transactions even without data bundles or when totally offline

Looking ahead

In looking to the future, we have set various targets in the short term with respect to our strategy pillars, as follows: