Our human capital

Our human capital is key to our business success, as well as to our ability to create value for the wider society and communities within which we operate. It is an essential component of our journey in realising our strategic aim of becoming a purpose-led technology company.

Human Resources (HR) overview

Our four HR strategic pillars

In FY2022, our activities were guided by four strategic pillars:

  • Organisation: Shaping an effective and efficient digital organisation that puts the customer first
  • Talent: Guaranteeing diverse talent and critical skills needed now and in future
  • Purpose and Spirit: Fostering Purpose and Spirit to deliver a fit-for-purpose agile organisation and to enable new growth
  • Employee experience: Delivering the “best place to be” that ensures personal growth and business performance

HR – FY highlights FY2022

We have seen successes during the year under review, with the establishment of the 10 tribes and ongoing work to ensure that there is clear alignment between mission and tribe deliverables as we move the whole organisation towards becoming agile. Our successes included achievements in:

  • Agile organisation – We launched the second wave of tribes with 29 squads and nine Exco-led workstreams including the Transformation Office, with the Agile studio operationalised.
  • Talent – Our #1MoreSkill campaign, aimed at accelerating delivery of digital upskilling and reskilling across the business, saw 90% of employees completing at least one digital learning programme or course. Our Safaricom Digital Academy has reskilled more than 300 employees with a deployment to digital roles index of 95%. Our robust EVP has ensured that we attract and select the best talent in the market, and we not only develop and grow our talent based on their contribution and career interests, but work to retain our critical talent.
  • Purpose and Spirit – We participated in the Vodafone Customer Experience Awards and represented in the Safaricom CEO’s Mission Excellence Awards in April 2022.
  • Employee experience – As Safaricom evolves into a technology company, HR Digitisation has become a critical focus area, in which we achieved 75% simplification, automation and digitisation of core HR processes with a digital maturity index of 3.1.

In addition, we created an agile and inclusive environment by optimising physical and virtual workspaces, ensuring the successful launch of hybrid ways of working while leveraging the adoption of digital tools.

  • To drive staff engagement and enablement, we have held:
    11 CEO townhalls
    33 weekly staff webinars
    Four leadership forums
    Five Agile townhalls
    Safety culture and performance as well as COVID-19 and wellbeing sessions across the organisation and launched a national campaign on boda boda safety

Looking ahead: Strategic goals

The leap towards FY2025 is geared towards moving the whole organisation towards becoming agile, with a customer-obsession score of 85%, increasing our engagement score to 90%, and ensuring zero LTI. Our four strategic pillars remain as the key focus, and include:

  • Talent:
    Conducting a skills audit, upskilling and reskilling
    A drive to develop our leaders and resourcing
    Strengthening succession cover for critical roles
    Diversity and inclusion for female, PWDs and youth
  • Organisation:
    Building an Agile organisation through simplification, digitisation and automation and cost leadership
  • Purpose and Spirit:
    Refresh and embed Spirit enabled by Language, Rituals, Symbols and Stories, with a focus on the rollout of an internal communications strategy to cascade Spirit to staff
  • Employee experience:
    HR transformation to agile HR in order to support a mature remote working model and an agile organisation through facility upgrades
    Conducting a health, safety and wellness maturity assessment across tiers 1 and 2, with advanced ranking and leading

Our Agile people model

This model supports our new ways of working. Moreover, we have embraced agility through our contribution-based career model, performance-management model, employment contracts and remuneration and incentive model. These four elements are aimed at supporting collaboration, flexibility, growth and craftsmanship, as well as bias for doers.

Our Agile people model ensures that all job profiles are linked to specific business KPIs. We have rolled out a contribution model that provides opportunities for advancement on five levels of attainment based on an individual’s skills, competencies and proficiency on three dimensions of craft, people & mindset and customer & business. These are documented and reviewed through:

  • Regular weekly retrospect meetings
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • 360-review sessions
  • Biannual and annual reviews

Our FY2023 Strategic Focus