The Spirit of Safaricom

The Spirit of Safaricom forms an important part of our human, intellectual and social and relationship capitals and reflects our commitment to establishing the foundations that will enable us to become a truly customer-obsessed organisation. We see this as being key to realising our ambition to be a purpose-led technology company by 2025. In this endeavour, we are guided by the four Spirit of Safaricom elements of Customer Obsession, Purpose, Innovation and Collaboration. Our current efforts have been focused on ensuring that Customer Obsession is alive and anchored, and is effectively leveraging on our concept and practice of Agile ways of working.

Our Spirit of Safaricom journey

The inculcation of the Spirit of Safaricom is conceived in a phased approach;

Make it Clear
Make it Real
Make it Stick

Measuring our success

Driving the spirit of Safaricom journey

Making it happen

During the year under review, we entered the fourth of these phases, Make it Happen, in which we have been engaged in embedding the Spirit of Safaricom, ensuring that our language, rituals, symbols and stories come alive. Accordingly, and with the ever-growing participation of our staff, we have thus far consistently rolled out and quantified the following platforms:

  • Nine CEO townhalls with an average participation of 1,232 people and a total participation of 11,088
  • A total of 33 weekly staff webinars with an average participation of 478 people and a total participation of 15,774
  • Four Leadership Forums with an average participation of 272 people
  • Five Agile townhalls with 5,538 people
  • Three Spirit Days held
  • Customer Obsession awareness events, including:
    Seven monthly Customer Story Days
    Virtual Customer Fridays involving 1,223 people

Embedding the Spirit of Safaricom

During the year under review, as part of our journey of becoming a purpose-led technology company, we identified through our culture sounding-boards and employee surveys, the changes in approach required to enable this in line with our culture, as expressed in the Spirit of Safaricom, and through Agile ways of working. Our aim is to bring to life the behavioural shifts outlined below:

Behaviour shifts to embed through the Spirit of Safaricom

Looking ahead

Our focus in the short-term is to:

  • Implement the agreed Spirit action plans
  • Continue to drive uptake and participation in our established rituals and storytelling
  • Excite the organisation, deepen the understanding of our two major transformation initiatives, customer obsession and Agile
  • Drive the desired culture at the functional level

We will continue to activate and enable staff in order to foster the change that is central in our focus on rolling out service culture training. We anticipate that this will empower and provide tools to support middle management, drive transformation at team level and facilitate Spirit conversations.