Our purpose
To transform lives
Our vision
To become a purpose-led technology company
Our values
Simple, Transparent, Honest
Spirit of Safaricom
Purpose-driven, Customer obsessed, Innovative and Collaborative
Our foundations
Safaricom and M-PESA Foundations

Who we are

Safaricom PLC is a purpose-led technology company providing a wide range of services and solutions, including mobile voice, messaging, data, financial and converged services, and digital services that enable commercial and personal platforms as well as ecosystem partnerships.

Safaricom is one of a small group of about 400 companies across Africa whose annual revenues are more than USD1 billion. Many of these companies are pan-African in their operations and are active in increasingly diverse sectors.

We invest in a unique way of doing business through our purpose of transforming lives, and seek to create opportunities for Kenyans to be a part of our growth story by empowering them with the right tools for economic growth. We have 42 million customers on our network and over 30 million using our M-PESA service. We also have over 6,100 towers connecting Kenyans across the country.


Through our foundations, we work to enable Kenyans access quality healthcare, education, skills and sustainable employment by providing resources, opportunity, hope and dignity to communities.

“We commit to deliver connectivity and innovative products and services (SDG9) that will provide unmatched solutions to meet the needs of Kenyans by enabling access (SDG10) through our technologies and partners (SDG17) and by exploring opportunities in Health (SDG3), Education (SDG4) and Energy (SDG7). We will do so by managing our operations responsibly (SDG12) and ethically (SDG16). This will stimulate growth and generate value (SDG8) for our company, society and economy.”


Through our partnerships with various groups, we deliver more than just voice or data to communities across Kenya by leveraging our respective strengths to deliver healthcare solutions to over 100,000 Kenyans through 60 healthcare providers. We have also partnered with the government on numerous occasions to extend more services to citizens by digitising primary schools, connecting health centres, streamlining payments to farmers and much more.

Relevant solutions

Our goal is to continue to deliver a wide range of products and services designed to present sustainable solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges through being a digital-first and insights-led organisation. We provide a wide range of connectivity and financial services including voice, mobile data, devices, fixed services, IoT and M-PESA.

A network for the future

In March 2021, we activated our 5G service and now have a total of 35 5G sites, which will be expanded to 200 sites in the next financial year. Our aim is to empower our customers with super-fast internet at work, at home and on the move, supplementing our growing fibre network. Our 4G coverage now stands at 97% across Kenya, with almost 6,000 4G stations.

We are a purpose-led technology company that uses innovation to drive social and socio-economic empowerment in society

To accelerate new growth areas delivering superior customer experience in order to be a purpose-led technology company by 2025

Purpose-driven, customer obsessed, innovative and collaborative

  • Simple – in the way we reach out to you
  • Transparent – in what we deliver to you
  • Honest – in what we say to you

Our brand promise is founded on these values:

Simple. Transparent. Honest. FOR YOU

This promise expresses our commitment to inspire trust and belief in our customers. It is indicative of who we are, and what differentiates us from our competitors. It embodies what our customers can expect to experience when engaging with us, and it is built on authenticity across all facets of our brand.

Further details on the investment in subsidiaries refer to the financial statements (note 23)

Our strategic focus and four strategic pillars

Our strategic focus for FY2022

To establish a customer obsessed, digital first organisation, delivering double digit growth by the end of the financial year, in order to be a purpose-led technology company by the end of 2025

Our strategic focus for FY2023

To accelerate new growth areas delivering superior customer experience in order to be a purpose-led Technology Company by the end of 2025

Strengthen the core
To be a financial services provider
Accelerate new growth areas
Achieve cost leadership

* For more information on how to access this various services and solutions, please refer to www.safaricom.co.ke

Our capitals

Financial capital The pool of funds and assets that we maintain
Human capital Our employees and all the competencies, abilities, experience and expertise that they bring to the Group
Intellectual capital The policies, procedures, intellectual property (IP), knowledge that exists and is cultivated in our organisation, including our vision, mission, purpose, reputation and the value of our brand
Social and relationship capital The partnerships and relationships that we build and maintain with all our stakeholders, including our employees, providers and suppliers, and our communities
Manufactured capital Our buildings, properties, fibre-optic and cable networks, towers and other infrastructure, and vehicles that support our operations
Natural capital The beneficial projects that help to sustain the environment in which we operate

The year under review saw our position as the leader in the mobile market in Kenya strengthen further.

Active mobile subscriptions per operator by contract type

Governments and regulators   Our suppliers
Our customers   Society and communities
Investors and shareholders   Business partners
Our employees   Media

The 10 largest shareholders in the Company (ordinary shares only) and the respective number of shares held as at 31 March 2022 were as follows:

In our business environment, gradual recovery is underway, however, we are faced with the below headwinds;